Solar Highway Energized


Last month, the Oregon Dept. of Transportation flipped the switch on a new 1.75 megawatt solar system. The project sits on 7 acres of land at the Interstate 5 Baldock Rest Area, just south of Wilsonville. Installing solar arrays in transportation corridors is common in Europe, but not so in the United States. Oregon’s solar highway program leads the way with two major sites operating, and a third in the works. Advanced Energy Systems of Eugene designed the Baldock array, and hired Fat Pencil Studio to create a photo-realistic simulation for use in public outreach meetings.

We mocked up four different aerial perspectives, before selecting an angle that gave the best view of solar modules and the surrounding context. An interesting side benefit: from the selected angle (option 3) the solar array takes on the outline of the state of Oregon.

Thomas Brex

Our experience working with Fat Pencil has been great. Their finished products have consistently exceeded our expectations. When we see their work, we often wonder, how in the world did they do that?

Thomas Brex, Advanced Energy Systems

Joshua Cohen is a Principal at Fat Pencil Studio