Fat Pencil Studio

is a team of sharp-minded designers with the
visual tools to help you make a stronger case.


Visual stories

[vizh-oo-uhl stohr-ees], n. pl.

Narratives made more understandable, meaningful and memorable by the use of still and/or moving images. Visual stories provide context, illustrate principles, emphasize connections, and reduce ambiguity. This approach takes advantage of the fact that people learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone.

Design is thinking made visible

Visual strategy

[vizh-oo-uhl strat-i-jee], n.

  1. The use of techniques such as 3d modeling, mapping, data visualization, video editing, animation, etc., to evaluate evidence, test theories, and enhance forensic analysis.
  2. The early application of a design thinking process to develop case themes and facilitate collaboration.

Visual experts

[vizh-oo-uhl ek-spurts], n. pl.

  1. Trusted colleagues with special skills relating to the visual representation of technical and/or complex information.
  2. People with extensive experience in the creation of visual stories and execution of visual strategies (see above) for legal cases.