What our clients have to say

We work with some of the most accomplished and effective practitioners in their fields. And we get really excited about making all that brilliance and expertise accessible to a broad audience. We help bridge that gap between the work that you do and the impact it has on the world.

KJC Will Kemp

Fat Pencil’s expertise was valuable from the beginning of the case. They saw details that others missed, helped our experts collaborate effectively, and delivered a compelling visual story at trial.

Will Kemp, Kemp Jones & Coulthard
Anthony Kuchulis

The animation made a big impact on the mediator, and I think it helped our client decide against settling... which was exactly the right decision because the case was dismissed on summary judgement a week later.

Anthony Kuchulis, Barran Liebman
Lynne Morgan

Thank you Fat Pencil, for all your excellent work! The visual story was instrumental in persuading the jury to find our client not guilty on the aggravated murder counts.

Lynne Morgan
Eric Grasberger

Ady proved herself to be highly adept at understanding the many complex issues in the case, conveying those clearly, accurately and artfully in her graphics…and weathering very difficult circumstances with grace and humor.

Eric Grasberger, Stoel Rives
Thomas Johnson

Cases are often won by the clarity of a party’s themes. By working with Fat Pencil early on in the case, we have the opportunity to fully consider the strongest ways to persuasively tell our story at trial.

Thomas Johnson, Perkins Coie
David Park

The ability to fade between the infrared camera surveillance video and a matched view in the 3d model made the scientific process much easier to understand.

David Park, Elliott & Park, PC
Ellen V

Fat Pencil Studio's ability to show real‐time 3D graphics definitely made a contribution to the success of the project, and the quality of their deliverables, their responsiveness to deadlines, and their willingness to go above and beyond was impressive.

Ellen Vanderslice, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Nathan Sramek

One thing I have learned from my six year old is that stories are better with pictures. Your visuals helped me tell our story well, and I believe, helped the jury agree with it.

Nathan Sramek, Multnomah County Attorney's Office