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Corporate disputes are abstract beasts full of nuanced relationships, obligations and liabilities. In the midst of contracts, documents, and extensive correspondence, your task is to craft a compelling narrative that first clarifies, then convinces. It’s one of the toughest jobs out there.

Good news: we’re here to help.

Often it only occurs to an attorney to engage a designer in order to “make things pretty.” Sure, your PowerPoint slides could look a lot better, but what you really need is for your story to be a lot clearer.

PORTFOLIO: Corporate Litigation

Discover the story.

The beauty of graphics is that they not only present your themes, but they help discover them. The design thinking process of creating a visual presentation uncovers new questions, holds information accountable, and reveals connections that might otherwise get overlooked. This results in a more rigorous investigation of the issues at hand, and a stronger connection between facts and narrative.

Our experience working with corporate litigators has proven the effectiveness of this process, and the critical importance of starting early. Working with us from the start adds value first by helping you get your themes straight, and then by helping you communicate them in the clearest, most impactful way.

You have to tell the story of your case hundreds of times even if it never goes to trial. All of your audiences (your client, colleagues, opposing counsel, experts, mediators, just to name a few) benefit from a well-told visual story. Most of all, you benefit from creating a well-told visual story. Why? Not just for the reasons above, but also because it’s super impressive (never underestimate that).

Thomas Johnson

Cases are often won by the clarity of a party’s themes. By working with Fat Pencil early on in the case, we have the opportunity to fully consider the strongest ways to persuasively tell our story at trial.

Thomas Johnson, Perkins Coie